Food Science Club

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The Food Science Club is a student based group with approximately 50 active members. Meetings are held on Monday or Tuesday nights throughout the year from August to May. These meetings allow club business and activities to be discussed and are usually followed by a presentation by a food company. Dinner is provided free of charge, and all students are welcome to attend.

The club consists of 17 committees and all members must be a part of at least one committee to be eligible for active membership. In addition to a committee requirement, all active members must scoop at least three 3-hour shifts at the annual fundraiser: the Dairy Bar. The club sells ice cream every year at the North Carolina State Fair and this is our primary fundraiser and is therefore very important to the success of the Food Science Club. Profits from the Dairy Bar allow the club to fund several activities and also allow many students to attend professional meetings such as the Institute of Food Technologists Annual Meeting.

Dairy bar


  • To encourage leadership
  • To allow students a fuller understanding of the scope of food science and technology
  • To expand awareness of the field of food science within the university and throughout our community
  • To develop and maintain a close relationship between the students in the club and the faculty and staff of the NC State Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences .

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