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Departmental Staff
Penny Amato Penny Amato

Research Analyst II

231 Schaub Hall


B.S. University of Georgia, 1985
M.S. North Carolina State University, 1988

Area of Work

Thermal Analysis and Seafood Science

Current Work

I work as the coordinator of the Food Science Department's Thermal Analysis Lab. Our equipment includes a DSC, DMA, and a titration calorimeter. The equipment is available for use by campus personnel for a small fee. Projects we have performed in this lab include determining gelatinization temperatures of starches, temperatures and enthalpies of protein unfolding, melting of processed cheese products, glass transitions in caramels and dried sweet potatoes, melting and oxidation of lipids, and measuring specific heat for a variety of food products. I also work as a muscle foods/protein biochemist in Dr. Lanier's lab. We mainly study protein gelation of seafoods and meats, but also work on improving the quality of whole fish fillets and intact meats.


Perez-Mateos M, Amato PM, Lanier TC. 2004. Gelling properties of Atlantic croaker surimi processed by acid or alkaline solubilization. J. Food Sci. 69 (4): C328-C333.

Goeller LM, Amato PM, Farkas BE, et al. 2004. Optimization of incorporation of low-molecular-weight cryoprotectants into intact fish muscle. J. Food Sci. 69 (4): E164-E171.

Hamann, DD., Amato, P.M., Wu, M.C., Foegeding, E. A. 1990. Inhibition of Modori (Gel Weakening) in Surimi by Plasma Hydrolysate and Egg White. J. Food Sci. 55(3): 665-669, 794.

Amato, P.M. Hamann, D.D., Ball, H.R., Foegeding, E.A. 1989. Influence of poultry species muscle groups, muscle groups, and NaCl level on strength, deformability, and water retention in heat-set muscle gels. J. Food Sci. 54(5):1136-1140, 1157.

Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC  27695
(919) 515-2951