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Brochures and Articles

NC Seafood and You: A Good Match for Your Health
Information on North Carolina seafood and levels of Omega-3 fatty acids

Aquaculture Quality Assurance: NCSU Seafood Laboratory
Seafood Laboratory research to maintain seafood quality
Impact Magazine, May 2009

Measuring/Maintaining Freshness in Aquaculture Products
Research on preserving the quality of fresh fish at harvest
Global Aquaculture Advocate, Sept/Oct 2006

Quality Index Method Provides Objective Seafood Assessment
Using a Quality Index Method for assessing seafood quality
Global Aquaculture Advocate, August 2005

Seafood Traceability: A Practical Guide for the US Industry
Guide and resource on traceability in the US seafood industry

Entrees with Resumes
Overview of seafood traceability
NC Sea Grant Marine Extension News, Spring 2005


Seafood Currents Newsletter - no longer in publication

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