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TAFT 2012 Proceedings Click here to download conference proceedings.

Conference Theme:

Navigating the World of Seafood Product Integrity

The 4th Trans Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference is a joint meeting of the Atlantic Fisheries Technology Conference (AFTC) and the Western European Fish Technologists Association (WEFTA) hosted in 2012 by the Seafood Science and Technology Society of the Americas (SST). This year’s conference will include the customary arrangement of Technical Sessions based on abstract submissions and invited presentations addressing a variety of current issues as listed below, and Feature Sessions on special topics involving “Seafood Product Integrity” in commerce.

The meeting is open to commercial interests, government agencies, academic expertise and students. The shared interest is the application of food science to the unique problems of production, processing, packaging, distribution, storage and preparation of all aquatic food products be they harvested, cultured or fabricated for domestic or international commerce. The principle objective is to advance the use and understanding of applied and basic science as it relates to seafood product quality and safety and related resource utilization.

Preliminary Technical Session Topics – Seafood Quality, Safety and Value Added Products (groupings based on selected abstracts)

• Functional Seafood and Ingredients
• Seafood Utilization
• Muscle Chemistry
• Seafood Processing

Featured Sessions

• Moisture Control
• Sodium Levels in Seafood
• Seafood Safety
• Species Identification and Product Origin