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Alan RebarAlan Rebar – Vice Chancellor for Research, Innovation and Economic Development, North Carolina State University

Dr. Alan H. Rebar became NC State’s vice chancellor for research, innovation and economic development in 2015. He is also a professor of veterinary clinical pathology in the College of Veterinary Medicine. Prior to joining NC State, he was head of the Department of Veterinary Pathobiology, 1993-1996; associate dean for research, 1989-1996; dean, 1996-2005; and senior associate vice president for research, 2005-2015, all at Purdue University. Rebar received his DVM degree in 1973 and his Ph.D. in 1975, both from Purdue. He was certified in veterinary clinical pathology in 1978. He is a former member of the Council of the American College of Veterinary Pathologists, past president of the American Society for Veterinary Clinical Pathology and former editor-in-chief of the journal Veterinary Clinical Pathology.

Rebar serves on the North Carolina Board of Science, Technology and Innovation; the UT Battelle Board of Governors; the Triangle Universities Center for Advanced Studies Board of Trustees; the Research Triangle Cleantech Cluster Board of Directors; the Renaissance Computing Institute Oversight Board; the North Carolina Biotechnology Center Board; and the Kenan Institute for Engineering, Technology and Science Board of Trustees.

Dr. BarrangoueRodolphe Barrangou – Associate Professor and Todd R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Scholar in Probiotics Research, NC State University

Dr. Rodolphe Barrangou joined NC State University as Associate Professor of Food Science in 2013. He is a University Scholar, and the Todd R. Klaenhammer Distinguished Scholar in Probiotics Research. Dr. Barrangou earned a BS in Biological Sciences from the Rene Descartes University in Paris; a MS in Biological Engineering from the University of Technology in Compiegne; a MS in Food Science from NC State; a PhD in Genomics from NC State; and a MBA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. He spent nine years in R&D and M&A at DuPont.

He received the 2014 NC State Alumni Association Outstanding Research Award, the 2015 NC State Faculty Scholars Award, the 2016 Warren Alpert Foundation Prize, and the 2016 Gairdner International Award. Dr. Barrangou is on the board of directors of Caribou Biosciences, and a co-founder and member of the Scientific Advisory Board of Intellia Therapeutics.

Doug EdgetonDoug Edgeton – President and CEO, North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Doug Edgeton became NC Biotech’s president and CEO in September 2014. He brings extensive executive-level experience in health care from major academic medical centers, research park development and business administration, including an emphasis on community service.

Throughout his career, Edgeton has managed both human resources (talent) and facilities, helping them work in concert to create the right ecosystem for organizational growth. This approach led to more efficient organizations, faster technology transfer and better patient care. Edgeton continues this approach at the Biotech Center, targeting state investment and staff expertise to help North Carolina’s life science companies grow, create jobs, and bring life-changing technologies to market.

Edgeton received his B.S. degree from the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, and MPH and MBA degrees from UAB. Edgeton has extensive involvement in professional, community and civic organizations, and currently serves on the Salem Academy and College Board of Visitors.

Jack BoboJack A. Bobo – Chief Communications Officer, Senior Vice President, Intrexon Corp.

Jack Bobo joined Intrexon as Senior Vice President, Chief Communications Officer in July 2015.
He has significant expertise in the analysis and communication of global trends in biotechnology, food and agriculture to audiences around the world.  He has worked extensively to improve the messaging and understanding of science and technology to help address global challenges related to climate change, sustainability, and food security. 

Prior to joining Intrexon, Mr. Bobo worked in the U.S. Department of State for thirteen years, most recently as Senior Advisor for Food Policy following his positions as Senior Advisor for Biotechnology and Chief, Biotechnology and Textile Trade Division.  Through these key roles Mr. Bobo was responsible for global outreach to foreign audiences and senior foreign officials across a variety of issues and led or participated in bilateral trade discussions and negotiations.

Prior to his distinguished career at the U.S. Department of State, he was an attorney at Crowell & Moring LLP.  He received a J.D. from Indiana University School of Law and an M.S. in Environmental Science from Indiana University School of Public and Environmental Affairs.

Dr. James MorrisJames A. Morris, Jr. – Marine Ecologist, NOAA National Ocean Service

Dr. James Morris is an ecologist with NOAA’s National Ocean Service where his research focuses on coastal marine ecology, aquaculture, and invasive species. Dr. Morris leads a national program on Coastal Aquaculture Siting and Sustainability which works to provide tools and services for coastal managers empowering them to maintain healthy resilient ecosystems while supporting aquaculture development in the coastal zone. Dr. Morris’s program is currently supporting several new national initiatives including spatial planning for aquaculture development in the Gulf of Mexico, siting analyses for the first fish farm in U.S. federal waters off Southern California, and development of management guidelines for salmon net-pen aquaculture in Washington state.  In addition, Dr. Morris has cultured dozens of species of marine fish and shellfish for both laboratory experiments and seafood production and has decades of experience in commercial fishing and aquaculture industries.

Jon BellJon Bell – Director, NMFS National Seafood Inspection Laboratory

Dr. Jon Bell was hired as the Director of the National Seafood Inspection Laboratory for the National Marine Fisheries Service in July of 2014. NSIL is the only seafood laboratory for the agency responsible for management and regulatory of our national fisheries. NSIL provides microbiological and chemical analytical services to ensure seafood product quality and safety in support of the agency’s fee for service Seafood Inspection Program, Office of Law Enforcement, Animal Bi-products Program, and other NOAA goals and objectives. NSIL, through its Trade Monitoring Program and participation in CCAMLR and ICCAT, provides trade and data monitoring of imports and exports of fish species that are managed by these international RFMOs.

Previously Dr. Bell supported the shellfish and seafood industry in Louisiana as a SeaGrant seafood specialist and Extension Professor in the LSU AgCenter Food Science Department for over a dozen years. Jon’s interests focused on seafood handling and processing for both seafood safety and quality improvement. Jon also has extensive experience in canned tuna and other seafood industry positions.

Lisa WeddigLisa Weddig – Vice President, Regulatory and Technical Affairs, National Fisheries Institute

Lisa Weddig is the VP of Regulatory and Technical Affairs for the National Fisheries Institute in McLean, Virginia. NFI is the leading trade association in the U.S. representing the seafood commerce chain from “water to table.” Since 2007, she has served as the primary liaison for food regulatory and safety issues for NFI’s members as well as the Secretary for the Better Seafood Board, NFI’s organization addressing the industry’s economic integrity issues.

Prior to NFI, Ms. Weddig spent 18 years with the Food Products Association serving the membership in the areas of thermal processing, HACCP, food safety, and educational support. Ms. Weddig has a B.S. in Food Science from Virginia Tech and a M.S. in Nutrition Education from Hood College.

Ronald StotishRonald L. Stotish – Executive Director, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Ronald L. Stotish, was appointed an Executive Director, President and CEO of AquaBounty Technologies in May 2008. Dr. Stotish joined AquaBounty Technologies in 2006 as Vice President for Regulatory Affairs, and most recently was Senior Vice President for R&D and Regulatory Affairs. Prior to joining AquaBounty, Dr. Stotish was Executive Vice President for R&D at MetaMorphix, Inc. He has served as Vice President for Pharmaceutical Research and Development at Fort Dodge Animal Health, and held a variety of positions at American Cyanamid. He began his career in research at Merck. Dr. Stotish has degrees in biochemistry and over 40 years’ experience in the discovery, development, and commercialization of new animal health products.

Glen CourtwrightGlen Courtright – EnviroFlight, President and Founder

Glen Courtright has roughly three decades experience in agriculture commodities (fats and oils), oil and gas, renewable energy, utilities, telecommunications, automotive, and aerospace.  His experience includes executive management, business development, business start-ups, formulation and management of strategic alliances, contract and master service agreement negotiations, systems integration, systems requirements development, procurement of products and services, project management, research and development, technology commercialization, venture capital, competitive intelligence, and staff development.

Driven initially to discover a sustainable alternate fuel source, Courtright began experimenting with Black Soldier Flies in 2009 with a Pilot Plant in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Courtright discovered that Black Soldier Fly Larvae could be utilized as a protein source for aquaculture and livestock while reducing global need for fishmeal. EnviroFlight has the potential to feed the animals that will ultimately feed a rapidly growing global population, estimated to reach nearly 10 billion by 2050 from 7.5 billion today.  As an added benefit, the larvae are fed pre-consumer food manufacturing leftovers and by-products; in other words, EnviroFlight keeps food residuals out of landfills and reclaims nutrients to go back into the food chain.

Hordur KristinssonHordur G. Kristinsson – Chief Science and Innovation Officer, Matis Ltd, Reykjavik Iceland

Dr. Hordur Kristinsson is the Chief Science and Innovation Officer of Matis. He was previously an Associate Professor at the University of Florida. He combines over 20 years of practical experience of working in the food, biotech and functional ingredient industry with extensive commercial and research expertise in the production of various products and ingredients. He is the holder of six patents and has published over 110 peer-reviewed papers, book chapters and books. He has led and managed numerous research and development projects funded by industry and competitive grant programs in the USA, Europe and Iceland.

Dr. Kristinsson has been directly involved in and founded several successful company start-ups in bioprocessing and functional ingredients. Dr. Kristinsson is the chair of the Nordic Bioeconomy Panel and was an appointed expert member of the first European Bioeconomy Panel.

Katie Maloney – Innovation Manager, Novozymes North America Inc.

Dr. Katie Maloney received her Ph.D. in Food Science from North Carolina State University in 2011.  Her research focused on extraction of protein from sweet potatoes and investigation of nutraceutical properties. She has been with Novozymes for the past five years working on various food and beverage related projects. These have included protein hydrolysis, viscosity reduction, fruit and vegetable processing, acrylamide mitigation, and bakery fresh-keeping.


Holly PettyHolly Petty – Consultant of Innovation/Business Development, Matis Ltd, Reykjavik Iceland

Dr. Holly Petty has a Ph.D. and BSc. in Food Science and Human Nutrition and Minor in Applied Physiology and Kinesiology. Her Ph.D. research involved developing ways to improve quality of protein derived from pelagic fish by-products. Holly currently serves as a Consultant of Innovation and Business Development at Matis. Holly has been in industry 10+ years, serving as a director of food facilities with responsibilities relating to quality control, technical services, research and development, innovation, marketing, and IP capacities.

Dr. Petty has a passion for innovating and consulting companies in areas of new opportunities and functional ingredient applications. She is on the 2016 Board of Editors for the Journal of Aquatic Food Product Technology (JAFPT) published by Taylor & Francis Group and has also contributed to various media and literature publications in addition to holding a dietary supplement patent.