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2nd North Carolina Marine Biotechnology & Seafood Symposium

AFTC Earl P. McFee Award

Earl McFeeThis prestigious award was established in 1971 by the AFTC in honor of Earl P. McFee, to recognize excellence in fishery technology involving all aspects of seafood science and technology including administration of research and development and active research. Earl P. McFee was Research and Quality Control Director of Gorton's Corporation in the 1950s when the breaded fish industry was in its infancy. McFee is credited with the standardization of the frozen fish block, development in tempering, slicing and thawing of fish blocks and the creation of the McDonald's Corporation breaded fish portion.

His greatest accomplishment however was to foster better quality and sanitation standards for the entire seafood industry. Selection as an Earl P. McFee Award winner is a unique professional distinction that is conferred only on a living person at the time of selection with outstanding and extraordinary qualifications and experience with respect to his or her overall contributions to the field of seafood science and technology. The award is open to all private industry, government and university personnel on a worldwide basis.

Below is a listing of McFee Award recipients.

2016 Angela Ruple NOAA Fisheries National Seafood Inspection Lab, Mississippi, USA
2015 Doris Hicks University of Delaware SeaGrant, USA
2014 no award given  
2013 no award given  
2012 Thomas E. Rippen University of Maryland, USA
2011 no award given  
2010 Pierre Blier Université du Québec à Rimouski, Québec, Canada
2009 Charles A. Crapo University of Alaska Fairbanks, USA
2008 Pamela D. Tom University of California at Davis USA
2007 Ken Gall New York Sea Grant at Cornell University, USA
2006 Guðrún Olafsdottir Icelandic Fisheries Laboratory
2005 Robert Collette National Fisheries Institute USA
2004 Luc LeClerc CN Dept. Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Aquatic Products Technology Ctn
2003 Torger Børresen Danish Institute for Fisheries Research, Dept. Seafood Products
2002 Nigel Allen Memorial University, Center for Aquaculture and Seafood Development
2001 David Green North Carolina State University, USA
2000 Ben Simpson McGill University, USA
1999 Michael Morrissey Oregon State University, USA
1998 Fereidoon Shahidi Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada
1997 Norman Haard University of California at Davis, USA
1996 Steve Otwell University of Florida, USA
1995 Aurea Cormier University of Moncton
1994 George Flick Virginia Polytechnical and State University, USA
1993 Chong Lee University of Rhode Island, USA
1992 Dave Lemon Dept. of Fisheries and Oceans, Halifax Nova Scotia
1991 Bob Learson NMFS Gloucester Laboratory, Massachusetts, USA
1991 Joe Licciardello NMFS Gloucester Laboratory, Massachusetts, USA
1990 Tony Bimbo Zapata Haynie Corporation
1989 Tom Gill Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology
1988 Joe Regenstein Cornell University, New York, USA
1987 Fred King NMFS Gloucester Laboratory, Massachusetts, USA
1986 Tom Morse Fishery Products Ltd., St. John's Newfoundland
1985 Herb Hultin University of Massachusetts at Amhurst
1984 Tyre C. Lanier North Carolina State University, USA
1983 Graham Bligh Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology
1982 Frank B. Thomas North Carolina State University, USA
1981 Louis J. Ronsivalli NMFS Gloucester Laboratory, Massachusetts, USA
1980 Roy Martin National Fisheries Institute USA
1979 no award given  
1978 Virginia Sidwell NMFS College Park, Maryland, USA
1977 Cyril Reade National Sea Products Ltd., Nova Scotia
1976 Mary Ambrose National Center for FPC, College Park, Maryland, USA
1975 William Dyer Marine and Fisheries, Halifax Nova Scotia
1975 Harris Magnusson National Fisheries Institute USA
1974 Mary Thompson NMFS Miami, Florida, USA
1973 Robert Ackman Canadian Institute of Fisheries Technology
1972 Margaret Anderson FTL, Bureau of Commercial Fisheries, Gloucester, Massachusetts, USA
1971 Charles Castell Fisheries Research Board of Canada