SDFRC Projects

Sensory Development of a Cheddar Flavor Lexicon.  M. A. Drake

Functionality of Enzyme-Modified Whey Proteins.  HES/GLC

The Influence of Creaming Variables on Processed American Cheese Meltability.  C. Daubert, B. Farkas

Bioactive peptides exhibit anti-microbial activity. D. Clare, HES, T. R. Klaenhammer, GLC

Processing modification of whey protein concentrate into a thickening agent.  C. Daubert, E. A. Foegeding

Rheology, NMR, & microscopy: linking processed cheese microstructure with functionality.  C. Daubert, Keener

Determining physicochemical and structural aspects of cheese using model cheeses.  E. A. Foegeding

Determining molecular mechanisms and modifications for whey protein thermal stability.  E. A. Foegeding

Leaky lactic bacteria: applications for accelerated cheese ripening.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Minimizing flavor variability in whey protein products.  M. A. Drake, D. Larick, L. Turner

Lactobacillus acidophilus genome sequencing and functional analysis.  T. R. Klaenhammer, Cano

Development of chemical anchors to cheddar cheese flavor lexicon terms.  M. A. Drake, Cadwaldr

Low pH whey protein concentrate gels with tailored texture. Khan

Molecular decoys…disrupt developmental cycles bacteriophages attacking lactic acid bacteria.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Phage defense systems for dairy starter cultures. T. R. Klaenhammer

Incorportion of whey polymers into processed and cream cheese networks.  E. A. Foegeding

Lactobacillus probiotic research.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Utilization of fructooligosaccharides by probiotic bacteria. T. R. Klaenhammer

Rheological characterizaton and applications for a derivitized whey ingredient.  C. Daubert

Whey protein hydrolysis processes that optimize functionality and control gelation.  E. A. Foegeding

Functional genomic analysis of probiotic lactobacilli.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Targeting bacteriophages with molecular decoys & poisons.  T. R. Klaenhammer

New phage defenses for lactococcus starter cultures.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Controlled intermolecular disulfide formation to improve functionality. E. A. Foegeding

Flavor variability & flavor stability of skim milk powder. M. A. Drake

Fortifying vitamins A&D in low-fat foods.  J. Allen

Biochemical characterization of a novel antimicrobial milk protein.  D. Clare

Microwave heating & rapid cooling for shelf stable whole milk.  J. Simunovic

Controlling astringent flavor and stability in high protein/acid drinks.  E. A. Foegeding

Facilitate technology transfer of the cheese & powder lexicons.  M. A. Drake

Assessment of changes in bacterial communities-terminal restriction fragment length polymorphism.   T. R. Klaenhammer

Engineering lactic acid bacteria for the delivery of antioxidants into dairy products..  Hassan, T. R. Klaenhammer

Determining molecular/microstructural origin of textural properties in gels.  E. A. Foegeding

Funct. compar. genomics lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM prob. lactic acid bacteria. T. R. Klaenhammer

Tech transfer of the cheese and powder lexicons.  M. A. Drake

Stabilizing various forms of whey proteins in beverages.  E. A. Foegeding

Improving whey protein foaming functionality.  E. A. Foegeding

Impact of agglomeration on flavor of dried dairy ingredients.  M. A. Drake

Identification of market opportunities for new/improved dairy beverages.  M. A. Drake

Impact of dairy components on gene expression in probiotic lactobacilli. T. R. Klaenhammer

Microstructure/functionality of processed cheese:role in milkfat.  C. Daubert, Hartel

Tech transfer of the cheese & powder lexicons.  M. A. Drake

Sensory & functional properties of native whey proteins.  M. A. Drake, E. A. Foegeding

Factors controlling the development of astringency in high acid whey protein beverages, E. A. Foegeding

DMI Sensory Pilot Plant.  M. A. Drake

Flavor properties of ingredient applications containing dairy or soy protein. M. A. Drake

A modification process expand functionality of whey ingredients...carbohydrate complexing.  C. Daubert

Preference mapping of consumer cheese ingredient categories.  M. A. Drake

Developing methods for enhancing thermal stability of whey proteins.  E. A. Foegeding

Whey & delactosed permeate & delactosed whey as ingredient to lower sodium content of soups.  J. Allen

MPC Sensory Project.  M. A. Drake

Identification of chemical components responsible for specific flavors in WPC80 & WPI.  M. A. Drake

Compare the performance of proteins in beverages. E. A. Foegeding

Low fat cheese platform study: Low fat/fat free process cheese for slice on slice applications.  C. Daubert

Low fat cheese platform study: Understanding molecular mechansisms…textural properties.  E. A. Foegeding

Low fat cheese platform study:Flavor/flavor chemistry of cheese w/reduced fat content.  M. A. Drake

Low fat cheese platform study:Consumer perception of reduced fat cheese. Trade off?   M. A. Drake

Investigating the filled gel model for rthe role of fat in cheese.  E. A. Foegeding

Improving whey protein off-flavor prevention via alternate process step optimization.  M. A. Drake

Understanding how salt level influences perception of cheese flavor .  M. A. Drake

Sensory and Functional Properties of Yogurt Powders.  M. A. Drake

Sensory Pilot Lab-2008.  M. A. Drake

Determining how mixture of milk protein concentrate and WPC-80 after heat stability. E. A. Foegeding

Developing mixtures of whey and casein proteins for improved heat stability.  E. A. Foegeding

Modifiing whey protein to improve heat stability and clarity and neutral pH.  E. A. Foegeding

Effect of dairy delivery on survival and activity of probiotic cultures in vivo.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Identification of probiotic features in Lactobacillus acidophilus affected by dairy delivery.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Influence of lactic acid bacteria, milk, yogurt and milkcomponents on gene expression in human intestinal epithelial cells.  T. R. Klaenhammer

Development and utilization of model foods for whey protein ingredient evaluation.  E. A. Foegeding

Relating rheological properties to cheese functional performances.   E. A. Foegeding

Quantification and aroma quality of the compounds responsible for desirable & undesirable flavor in LF Cheddar Cheese. M. A. Drake

Enhancing the quality and utilization of native whey proteins.  M. A. Drake

Enhancing microbial safety of fresh soft Queso fresco cheese by GRAS lauric arginate application.  R. Nannapaneni

Sensory Application Lab 2009.  M. A. Drake

Influence of starter culture growth on the development of rosey and burnt-brothy flavors during aging of low fat cheese.   M. A. Drake

Binding of calcium to improve stability of whey protein.  E. A. Foegeding

Understanding the role of beverage processing steps on whey protein flavor contributions.  M. A. Drake

Developing whey proteins having less astringency at low pH.   E. A. Foegeding

Designing filler particles to imitate fat in cheddar cheese.  E. A. Foegeding

Sensory Application Lab 2010.  M. A. Drake

At what salt level do consumers notice decreasing salt concentrations and at what concentration is acceptance negatively impacted.  M. A. Drake

Annatto Partitioning in Cheese and Cheese Whey.  M. A. Drake

A Systematic Study of Cheese Microbiology and Flavor Based on Salt Cation Substitution in lower Sodium Cheddar Cheese.  M. A. Drake

Sensory Application Lab 2011.  M. A. Drake

Developing Milk Protein Based Structures for New Dairy Products.  E. A. Foegeding

Source(s) of Salty Taste in Permeate.  M. A. Drake