Food Science News

Winter 2004

Volume 32, No. 1                              


         Major General Timothy A. Peppe

      2003 CALS Distinguished Alumnus

timothy peppe

Maj. Gen. Timothy A. Peppe is the Air Force Chief of Safety, Headquarters U.S. Air Force, Washington, D.C., and Commander, Air Force Safety Center, Kirtland Air Force Base, N.M.

The General graduated in 1970 with a BS in Food Science and entered the Air Force as a graduate of North Carolina State University's ROTC program. He has commanded the 31st Fighter Wing, 47th Training Wing, a specialized undergraduate pilot training wing, and the 82nd Support Group. He has also served as director of the Combined Air Operations Center at 5th Allied Tactical Air Force, as deputy assistant chief of staff for plans and policy at Headquarters Allied Air Forces Southern Europe in Naples, and as chief of the Rated Management Branch with the Office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel at Headquarters U.S. Air Force.

Prior to assuming his current duties, the General served as the director of joint experimentation at U.S. Joint Forces Command. While in this position he was responsible for the development, exploration and assessment of new joint concepts, organizational structures and emerging technologies while creating an organization from the ground up. He is a command pilot with more than 3,500 flight hours.   General Peppe has had a highly distinguished career in the U.S. Air Force.

Major General Peppe is  the Food Science Department's Alumnus of the Year.  Also he was named as one of the CALS Alumni honorees.  On October 10at 1:30 pm we honored him with a reception.  Later that afternoon he was feted at a CALS reception for Alumni honorees.


 Egg Research Award

The American Egg Board Research Award was presented to D.R. Jones, F.T. Jones, K.E. Anderson and our own, J.T. Foegeding, K.M. Keener and P.A,Curtis for their published title "Effects of Cryogenic Cooling of Shell Eggs on Egg Quality in Poultry Science 81:727-733, 2002.  This award was presented at the Poultry Science Association's 92nd Annual meeting in July 6-9, 2003.  Congratulations to you.




Fall Kickoff

The Fall Kickoff picnic was on September 4, 2003 The food science club got the year off to a great start.  They hosted  the Kickoff  BBQ at Pullen Park.  Club members, staff and children had a good time with plenty of food , family, fun and frisbee.


New Employees

 Henry Moore joined as a dairy worker and  Lucretia Carrigan went to to CMAST.  Tatiana Visnivetsaya is a new post-doc who will be working in Dr. Kathariou's lab.  Welcome to our family.


New Graduate Students Reha Azizoglu, Kristin Bjornsdottir, Karin Bratka, Alissa Caudle, Ying Cheng, Adam Croissant, Montreka Dansby,  Natasha Davis, Carol Dlima, Alleson Dobson, Natasha Evans, Paula Frank, Melissa Funke, Julie Ann Grabowski, Tara Kurtz, JeVelle Leavens, Gary Matsey, Marcia Merritt, Youwen Pan, Effie Papafragkou, Rong Reynolds, David Settle, Christina Stam, Kelly Stevens, Zeynap Tanyel, Choong Teow, Leslie Vogalsang,  and Lili Yue



witch hatSpookghetti Lunch

The departmental 15th annual Spookghetti lunch was on October 31.  The weather was frightfully nice ,so all the staff, faculty, undergrads and grad students and others who haunt the building  gathered outside.  Drew Carey, a convict and a ghastly witch were also in attendance to feast on the body of spaghetti.




ward and swartzelWelcome Back Dr. Swartzel

The Ice Cream Social on August 26 in the lobby of Schaub Hall was to celebrate the return of Dr. Ken Swartzel.  Dr. Swartzel had been serving as the director of North Carolina Technological Development Initiative, UNC Office of the President for a year.   Also, it was to thank Dr. Donn Ward for his year of being the acting Department Head in Dr. Swartzel's absence.  Welcome back!





workshop groupWorkshop

    On August 6-8, 2003 Dr. MaryAnne Drake hosted a cheese flavor and sensory instrumental analysis workshop.  Nine industry representatives participated and  learned about instrument analysis of cheese flavors.

     Dr. Drake was also the host to a group of 12 members of the North Carolina Dairy Foundation on October 31, 2003.  The group met in the Food Science Department where Dr. Drake gave a presentation regarding the chemistry and flavor of dairy foods.  The foundation members also had an opportunity to do some tasting


eloise cofer

In Memory of Dr. Eloise Cofer

Dr. Eloise S. Cofer passed away on August 25, 2003 at the age of 86.

 She grew up in the small mining camps of West Virginia, where her father was a mining superintendent of safety, and her mother was a school teacher. Dr. Cofer's life was full of education, culture, and service to her community and neighbors. She graduated from Marshall University in 1937 with a Liberal Arts Degree majoring in chemistry, social studies and home economics with an emphasis in nutrition and education. The same year she entered Teacher's College, Columbia University where she received her Masters Degree in 1938. After graduating she became an instructor of foods and nutrition at Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri. In 1942 as the war started, her career changed when she accepted a position with the West Virginia Home Economic Extension Service, where she taught nutrition and proper food preservation techniques to women in rural communities. Later she became the state's Specialist in Food and Nutrition. In 1946 she was granted a leave of absence from the Extension Service to accept a fellowship in the Home Economics Department at the University of Chicago, to study for her doctoral degree. In 1947 she  continued her career as Specialist for the West Virginia Extension Service. Later,  she returned to the University of Chicago and completed her doctoral degree in 1955. That year she was invited to join the staff of the Agricultural Research Service of the US Department of Agriculture in Washington, DC as a Food Economist, where she remained on staff for eight years. In this position she was responsible for developing food budgets for different levels of family consumption and income. Her work was a cornerstone for teachers and extension workers who used her resources and information in teaching food management throughout the country.

    In 1963 she was nominated and accepted the position of Assistant Director for Home Economics with the NC Agricultural Extension Service, and moved to Raleigh to begin her career at North Carolina State University.  In addition to supporting the affirmative action initiative for the NC Agricultural Extension Service, she was instrumental in balancing and improving the educational opportunities and income levels of her fellow women staff and associate members. She retired in 1980 Dr. Cofer was a pioneer in home economics programs both on the state and national levels. She was awarded the nation's distinguished service Ruby Certification Award, the highest of honors for Agricultural Extension, and served as Chairman of the National Extension Committee on Organization and Policy, Home Economics Subcommittee. She served as Treasurer and International Section Chair of the American Home Economics Association. Upon her retirement, the Eloise S. Cofer Family Living Lecture Series was established by the NC Agricultural Extension Service and the NC Extension Homemakers and carries her name in perpetuity.

neil webb

An Endowment for Food Science Students

Dr. Neil Webb, a former food science faculty member and current owner of Webbco Enterprises in Raleigh has established an endowment in his  first wife Nancy's memory.  This endowment will fund scholarships for food science students who are 1) majoring in nutrition and/or demonstrated interest in product development and sensory testing; 2) students transferring into food science from within or outside NC State University; and 3) students involved in Department of Food Science activities.  Dr. Webb has done much for our department over the years and this honor to Nancy is very special.  The endowment signing ceremony was held in the CALS Dean's office on December 30, 2003.


Graduation Fall 2003

graduation capNCSU Graduation was held in the RBC on December 27, 2003 at 9:00 am.  The Food Science Department held graduation at 1:00 pm in 105 Schaub Hall.  The graduates were as follows: Erin Kendrick, Brittany Klimstra, Melody Milroy, Chisten Sink, Andrew Aydlett, Rachell Newell, Jodee Ruppel and Marijose Cageao received their Bachelor of Science of Food Science degree.  Matthew Taylor, Kristofer Friedeck, Katie Smith, Michael Bashor and Ediz Batmas earned their Master of Science of Food Science degrees.  Dorin Boldor, Vetachai Plengvidhya, Lavonda Hughes-Hollar, Brian Lloyd and Qixin Zhong received their Doctor of Philosophy of Food Science degrees.  Nutrition Bachelor of Science degrees were awarded to Leslie Bowman, Marijose Cageao, Rykae Gentry, Daniel Neihoff and Vernita Davis.  A nutrition Master's degree was given to Jennifer Johnson.  Ying Liu earned her Doctorate in Nutrition.  Congratulations to all of the graduates.




hollingsworth and students

IFT Visit

Dr. Ann Hollingsworth, 2003 president of IFT (Institute of Food Technologists) honored  the Department of Food Science with a visit on November 20,2003.  First,  she was feted with an ice cream social from our pilot plant and treated to the Chancellor's Choice exclusive ice cream and then she addressed the department regarding "professionalism in the food industry".


Staff News

Congratulations to Michele Keziah's September  10, 2003 marriage to Harold Yates.  Michele is a Sensory Analyst in our department.  Best wishes on your new married life .


Cristina Sabliov, a recent graduate student and post-doc from our department has moved to Louisiana State University to take a position as Assistant Professor.  Her husband Dorin Boldor,  also a recent graduate and postdoc, and new baby Emily joined her shortly thereafter.  Best wishes Cristina and Dorin


Dr. Allen Foegeding has been selected to be on the College Reappointment, Promotion and Tenure Committee.  This honor signified the high regard in which he is held by colleagues, the department head , directors and the dean of CALS.


Our sincerest sympathies go out to Dr. Arthur Hansen on the death of his mother in December and also to Dr. Josip Simunovic on the death of his mother in December .



Employee Appreciation Brunch

brunchThe Social and Rec. Committee flipped 300 pancakes, cooked sausage and chopped fruit  to show our appreciation for departmental employees at the annual Employee Appreciation Brunch. Good weather permitted us to munch and mingle outside.  The Food Science Club donated many cool door-prizes.  Longevity awards were presented for people who have been with the department 5, 10 and even 15 years.



SDFRC Meeting at NCSU

The operational advisory committee of the Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center (SDFRC) held its annual meeting in Schaub Hall on July 14-15, 2003.  Representatives of member companies Davisco, Grande Cheese, Hershey, Kraft, Land O' Lakes and Rhodia were present.  Amy Skovsende represented Dairy Management, Inc. and spoke to the group about the goals of the organization.  Reports on currently funded projects were presented at the meeting.  Director Todd Klaenhammer conducted a business meeting on the final day.  He noted that the center has successfully attracted resources and faculty expertise in the areas of whey protein ingredient technology, cheese and ingredient flavors (milk, whey, MPC), probiotics and dairy cultures.  A reception for members of the OAC, SDFRC faculty and participating center scientists was held at the Cardinal Club downtown with a beautiful view of Raleigh.


hollyChristmas Party 2003

This year's Christmas party was the best yet!  The food was definitely the best yet with many ethnic dishes to sample.  We had two special recognitions for past staff members.  Sue Hale  who was a technician in the Food Science Department during the 1980's  and who worked in Dr. Brian Sheldon's lab, was recognized at her retirement.  Dr. Ivan Jones was honored for his years of illustrious service on the Food Science faculty and in celebration of his 100th birthday.  We were entertained by  grad students from other countries telling how they celebrate Christmas in their home countries.



scooping ice creamThe Big Scoop

The Food Science Club's highly successful ice cream booth at the NC State Fair scooped up its most successful year yet.  Good weather and veteran scoopers served thousands of new customers and customers who come back year after year.  Mounds of vanilla, chocolate, chocolate/chocolate chip, cookies & cream, cherry vanilla, strawberry, buttered almond, mint chocolate chip and pecan crunch  were sold. The most frequent customer comments are "mmmm" and "Wow, there is so much!" The proceeds from the booth go to Food Science Club's scholarships, community services and other worthy activities.


Alumni News

Ragip Unal M.S. 1995

He graduated in October, 2000 from The Ohio State University receiving his Ph.D. degree in the Department of Food Science & Technology under the supervision of Professor Ahmed E. Yousef.  He moved back to his home country of Turkey in November, 2000.  He worked as an Assistant Professor of Food Microbiology at the University of Mersin in the Department of Food Engineering for 2 years.  He  resigned his academic position and  accepted a job offer in  Pomona, California to work in N-terminus Research Laboratory as a Senior Research Scientist beginning August 26, 2003.

Tom Heldreth 1980 212 Meadowood Rd., Greensboro, NC 27409

Tom is an 8th grade science teacher at Eastern Guilford Middle School in Gibsonville, NC and taught a class in Schaub Hall in June 2003.

Susan Hamilton

Susan just graduated with her Juris Doctor from Texas Wesleyan University in Ft. Worth, Texas.  She married fellow food science grad, Dr. Lynn Hubbard in July, 2000.  They have moved to Nashville, TX where Lynn works as a Systems Engineer at General Mills.  Susan  is working for Judge Hamilton Gayden in the First Circult Court in Nashville. 



moving vanThe Big Move

Last year's bond referendum was passed and money was appropriated to renovate some of the buildings on our campus.  Schaub Hall was selected to be one of the first ones to be upgraded.  After much discussion it was decided that we will vacate the building while renovations are going on .  Most of us will go to Withers Hall in central campus and some others will go to a flex building on Avent Ferry Road to work and still others will work in rented trailers.  We plan to leave shortly after the May 2004 graduation.  We hope to move back into our newly and greatly improved building in June 2005.  We will miss the convenient parking the most!


Letter from  Adam Croissant

(Adam has been a grad student working in the Drake Lab for the past year.   This is an excerpt from his letter to the Department )

adam croissant"…Let me say that I signed up for the Army knowing that I could and would be deployed.  It's amazing how many people actually outright thank me for protecting their liberties and freedoms. I don't really know how much that applied to me, but everyone has their job and it is all part of the war machine I guess.  It means a lot to me and anyone involved!!  It makes it much easier to leave everything behind when people believe that strongly that we are doing something good for the world and not just for the pockets of Americans.  Whether you believe in the cause and all the propaganda or not, please remember that these men and women are dying everyday because they believe in our country and our people.  And remember that the support from their fellow citizens can mean the difference.  A lot of people have asked what my situation is and I want everyone to know so there is no guessing.  I am on active duty as of 13 December and will deploy to Baghdad within 3 months for a 1-year tour.  All said, I will be active duty for 18 months. I plan on coming back to State when I am finished.  I am a Second Lieutenant in the Chemical Corps.  My primary job is to take any reports of WMD (weapons of mass destruction) hits and plot them on a map and alert all units involved of the situation and advise on response to that situation,  There are many other functions we are responsible for but I won't bore you.  Some people have said they are sorry that I am going.  Please don't be.  This will be an experience for sure and I know I will learn a lot about leadership, planning and all that jazz and about myself…."

We will all be praying for his safe return.



Editor's Note:  We are interested in keeping up with our alumni and hearing their news.  Please send a note to Annee Moxley at or send a note using our website to let everyone know what is new!