Van Den Truong

Research Leader, USDA-ARS Professor, Food Science

Van-Den Truong

USDA-ARS Research Leader & Professor of Food Science

Academic Background

B.S. (1973) Food Technology, National Institute of Agriculture, Saigon
M.S. (1976) Food Science, University of the Philippines at Los Banos
Ph.D. (1980) Food Science, University of the Philippines at Los Banos
Postdoc. (1993-97), North Carolina State University

Research Interests

My research program covers basic and applied studies on chemistry, processing, and functional properties of carbohydrate-based food materials. Special attention is focused on sweetpotatoes with an ultimate goal of increasing utilization of this highly-nutritious vegetable in processed food products. Current areas of research include: 1) new processing strategies to convert sweetpotatoes into functional ingredients that are readily available for the food processing industry; 2) functionality of these ingredients in various food systems; 3) nutrients and beneficial phytochemicals in sweetpotato products: selection of genotypes with increased concentrations of target components and optimization of processing conditions to minimize losses; 4) effects of processing and storage on chemical constituents related to textural properties, flavors and sensory characteristics of sweetpotato products. The program also aims to collaborate closely with the sweetpotato industry and food companies to identify relevant research areas and transfer the developed technologies from our program for pilot-testing and commercial development.


Achievement Recognition on Significant Contribution to the Sweetpotato Industry, National Sweetpotato Collaborators Group, 2010.

USDA-ARS Technology Transfer Award, 2009: NCSU-USDA-ARS-IMS Team for transferring a novel microwave heating process to produce aseptic shelf-stable sweetpotato purees to a start-up company, Yamco LLC, North Carolina.

Food Technology Industrial Achievement Award, Institute of Food Technologists, 2009: NCSU-USDA-ARS-IMS team for development and commercialization of a process for continuous flow microwave sterilization and aseptic packaging of low-acid foods.

Best Paper Award for the paper on rheological and sensory properties of reduced-fat cheeses, American Oil Chemists’ Society, 91st Annual Meeting, San Diego, California, April 25-28, 2000.

Donald L. Plucknett Best Paper Award in Root Crop R&D, the Eighth Symposium of the International Society for Tropical Root Crops, Bangkok, Thailand, 1988.

Outstanding Research Award, National Technology Week Awards, the Philippines Department of Science and Technology, 1991.

Achievement Award for Research, Crop Science Society of the Philippines, 1989.

Research efforts have resulted in 97 publications, 2 US and 6 foreign patents, and 124 presentations at scientific and industrial meetings.

Recent Publications

Truong VD, Pascua YT, Reynolds R, Thompson RL, Palazoglu K, Mogol B, Gokmen V. 2014. Processing treatments for mitigating acrylamide formation in sweetpotato French fries. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 62:310-316.

Grace MH, Yousef GG, Gustafson SJ, Truong VD, Yencho GC, Lila MA. 2014. Phytochemical changes in phenolics, anthocyanins, ascorbic acid, and carotenoids associated with sweetpotato storage and impacts on bioactive properties. Food Chemistry 145:717-724.

Simunovic J, Swartzel KR, Truong VD, Cartwright G, Coronel P, Sandeep KP, Parrott D. 2014. Methods and apparatuses for thermal treatment of foods and other biomaterials, and products obtained thereby. US Patent No. 8,742,305 B2, 2014. (Australia Patent No. 2005304583, 2012; China Patent No.ZL200580038640, 2010; New Zealand Patent No. 553749, 2012. Canada Patent No. 2583856, 2013).

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