Clint Stevenson

Associate Professor and Distance Education Coordinator

Clint Stevenson is an Associate Professor in the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences at North Carolina State University.  He earned his B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. degrees in food science from the University of Idaho, Purdue University, and North Carolina State University. Along the way, he gained real-world experience in the food industry through internships with Nestle, Kraft, General Mills, and Heinz, as well as a full time job as a shift production/quality supervisor at Schreiber Foods. Now, Clint manages a lab that applies and evaluates instructional technologies and strategies in food science and food safety education and training applications.

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Academic Degrees

B.S. in Food Science, University of Idaho
M.S. in Food Science, Purdue University
Ph.D. in Food Science, North Carolina State University

Other Qualifications

Lead Instructor, Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance
Lead Instructor, International HACCP Alliance
Certified HACCP Auditor
NC State University Certificate of Accomplishment in Teaching

Teaching Activities

Coordinating and teaching a distance education Food Safety Manager Certificate program, which includes FS 250 Basics of Food Safety & Quality,
FS 435/535 Food Safety Management Systems, and FS 416/516 Quality Control in Food & Bioprocessing.

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Extension & Outreach Activities

Developing and delivering online training programs for food quality assurance professionals, including Intro to Microbial Food Safety Hazards, Good Manufacturing Practices, HACCP, Environmental Monitoring, Food Safety Basics for Artisan Cheesemakers, Food Safety Basics for Ice Cream Makers, and more.

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Professional Societies

International Association for Food Protection

Institute of Food Technologists

North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Alpha Gamma Rho Fraternity

Research Interests

Assessing the effectiveness of various teaching methods and instructional design, determining the education, training and workforce needs in food safety and quality assurance, and applied quality control research projects.


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