USDA-ARS Food Science Research Unit

USDA Food Science Research UnitAdditional scientists, staff and students co-located in our department can be found in the USDA-Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Food Science Research Unit. The Unit develops improved processes for the preservation and utilization of vegetables, including cucumbers, sweet potatoes, peppers, and cabbage. The research projects cover various aspects of processing technologies,  product quality improvement, and nutrient retention, health-promoting compounds, food safety, and environmental sustainability.



USDA-ARS Market Quality and Handling Research Unit

Additional faculty, staff and students in the department can be found in the USDA Market Quality and Handling Research Unit, affectionately known as the “Peanut Lab.” This Unit conducts research on issues of high priority to the peanut industry, for example enhancing the flavor and shelf-life of domestic and export peanuts and peanut products by improving methods of handling, roast processing, and storage. This group also evaluates and applies genetic resources to improve market quality characteristics, such as oil chemistry, antioxidants, and nutritional components.