Community Outreach

Nutrition NUTS Program

Each semester, approximately 30 students from all over the NC State campus visit preschools to read nutrition and health-related books to 3 to 5 year old children, teach their parents about health and wellness topics, or provide nutrition education training to their preschool teachers. In return, students gain a respect for cultural diversity, community programming, and the many public health issues facing our society.

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Breast-feeding Support

Dr. April Fogleman and NC State Nutrition students are involved with the North Carolina Breastfeeding Coalition, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization bringing together health care providers, agencies, organizations, individuals, families, and all other breastfeeding advocates to support, protect, and promote breastfeeding in the state of North Carolina. We provide a framework for the development and execution of programs to advance breastfeeding support throughout North Carolina. In addition we are a forum for the creation and exchange of resources for breastfeeding professionals and families.

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A PACKed Kitchen

A PACKed Kitchen is a satellite program of the Inter-Faith Food Shuttle of Raleigh, N.C. and Share Our Strength of Washington, D.C. The 'A PACKed Kitchen' experience provides undergraduate students with hands-on experience teaching Cooking Matters cooking and nutrition classes at nonprofit community agencies in the Triangle area.

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Fresh Produce Safety

The NC State Fresh Produce Safety Laboratory is committed to assist community colleges, high schools, small children programs and county based activities with any fresh produce safety related issues that may arise before, during and after growing, receiving and processing fresh fruits and vegetables. In collaboration with the NC Fresh Produce safety Task Force team, training linked to the safe handling of produce is available to the community.

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