Pilot Plants and Technical Service Labs

Pilot Plants

The department offers seven different pilot plants, all dedicated to the advancement of knowledge in general disciplines and/or specific commodity areas. Six are located onsite (Schaub Hall) and used for aseptic processing and packaging applications with respect to dairy products, fruits and vegetables, high viscosity/particulates, meats, and visual imagery. The seventh facility, or Center of Marine Sciences and Technology (CMAST), is located in Morehead City, NC. This program is focused on advancing innovative seafood technologies.

Technical Service Labs

Sensory Service Center Logo

The Sensory Service Center provides University and contract (proprietary) qualitative and/or quantitative sensory testings tailored to meet the needs of each client. This center also performs specific chemical analyses for identifying volatile components which impact sensory perception.


Food Rheology Lab

The Food Rheology Lab is available for University and contract laboratory services. The program also offers laboratory training opportunities, and affords education for students and industry professionals who are interested in learning more about the rheological properties of foods and/or pharmaceuticals.





pH meter

The Food Product Testing Lab offers laboratory analyses for new food products and provides nutritional labeling. This service center offers processing guidelines and classifies your latest product according to state and federal regulations.


Brewing Lab

The Brewing Lab specializes in producing old world lager. The American lager industry provides unique challenges, and this classic brewing approach is in danger of being lost in American craft brews. NC State lagers and ales may be purchased and served at certain  University functions.