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At CALS Career Services you can find out about employer visits where you will meet their representatives who are looking to hire students like you for internships or jobs. Check to see what is on the agenda for upcoming events. Learn everything you can about a company before you make contact. A well-versed interviewee is a welcome sight to a veteran interviewer — they can see that you have taken it upon yourself to research the company prior to seeking employment.

It’s also good to talk with other students in the department to learn about their experiences with internships, jobs and volunteer activities. Knowing someone at a company or organization who was a former classmate can be a good way to “get a foot in the door,” so make sure to maintain contact with old friends. A great place to get to know your fellow students is through our student clubs. Making contacts in this way can give you a boost. If you make a good impression on a potential employer they WILL remember you when you come looking for a job.

Student Clubs

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University Career Development Center

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The Career Development Center (CDC) is the University level hub for exploring college and professional career opportunities. The CDC can help you choose an academic major or career, create a strong resume, conduct an effective job search, prepare for job interviews and take advantage of NC State resources in contacting and meeting potential employers. You can also upload your resume to ePack, NC State’s on-line job board.