The 127-credit Bioprocessing Science (BBS) program prepares scientists for careers in the bio-industries by exposing them to a breadth of fundamental science courses. In addition to courses from the Biotechnology (BIT) and BTEC (BTC) programs, new courses are to be introduced, including: Introduction to Biopharmaceutical Sciences, Validation Science, and Industrial Microbiology and Biomanufacturing. Several existing Food Science courses were updated to expand the scope of application: Principles of Food and Bioprocess Engineering, Preparing for Careers in Food and Bioprocessing Sciences, Quality Control and Assurance, Chemistry of Food and Biological Materials, Analytical Techniques in Food and Bioprocessing Sciences, and Problems and Design in Science.

Graduates of the program will develop abilities to:

  • Engage in clear and thought provoking scientific inquiry.
  • Apply critical thinking skills to solve problems while generating designs related to bioprocessing.
  • Understand, manage, and communicate source materials and data related to bioprocessing.
  • Work effectively and efficiently in teams.
  • Produce effective oral and written communications.
  • Develop and utilize the personal and professional skills associated with a successful graduate.

BBS Program Curriculum

BBS Course Descriptions