Nutrition Minor



The undergraduate Nutrition minor will provide students with knowledge of the principles of nutrition that are needed to formulate balanced diets and to evaluate information and policies concerning foods and dietary practices. Students may select courses to emphasize human or animal nutrition or a combination of these.

Students minoring in nutrition could major in a number of areas, including Animal Science, Biochemistry, Food Science, Poultry Science, Science Education and Zoology.

Opportunities for students with a minor in Nutrition vary widely depending on one’s primary area of interest. For example, students with an Animal or Poultry Science background might find jobs in research or technical sales/service in a feed or pharmaceutical company. They also may work for a livestock or poultry producer in research and development or production. A nutrition minor would benefit those seeking employment in the food industry, extension service, as a science or health science educator as well as someone interested in pursuing an advanced degree.


Students wishing to obtain a Minor in Nutrition must:

  • Complete a minimum of 15 credit hours from the list provided below and
  • Earn a grade of ‘C-‘ or better in each course.

Required Courses

NTR 301 Introduction to Human Nutrition (3 credit hrs) OR

ANS 230 Animal Nutrition (3 credit hrs) OR

ANS 225 Principles of Animal Nutrition (3 credit hrs)

Elective Courses

Students must choose at least 12 credits from the following, with at least 6 credits at the 400 level or above:

  • IDS 211 Eating Through American History (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 210 Introduction to Community Food Security (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 220 Food and Culture
  • NTR 301 Introduction to Human Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 320 Nutrition Education (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 330 Public Health Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 410 Maternal and Infant Nutrition
  • NTR 401 Advanced Human Nutrition and Metabolism (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR (ANS, PO) 415 Comparative Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 420 Applied Nutrition Education (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 419 Human Nutrition and Chronic Disease (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 420/520 Community Nutrition (3 credits hrs)
  • NTR 421/521 Life Cycle Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR 492 External Learning Experience (1-3 credit hrs)*
  • NTR 493 Special Problems in Nutrition (1-3 credit hrs)*
  • NTR/ANS 454 Lactation, Milk and Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • NTR/FS 555 Exercise Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • ANS 225 Principles of Animal Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • OR – ANS 230 Nutrition of Domestic Animals (3 credit hrs)
  • ANS 231 Nutrition of Domestic Animals Lab (1 credit hr)
  • ANS (NTR) 550 Applied Ruminant Nutrition (3 credit hrs)
  • PO (ANS) 425 Feed Mill Management and Feed Formulation (3 credit hrs)

* Not more than a total of 3 hours from NTR 492 and NTR 493 may count toward the 12 hours of Nutrition elective courses.

Declaring a minor

Students who plan to minor in Nutrition should contact  Dr. Natalie Cooke, 218A Schaub Hall.


Dr. Cooke will certify the completion of the student’s minor program. Certification must be submitted no later than the registration period for the student’s final semester at NC State. The minor must be completed no later than the semester in which the student expects to graduate from his or her degree program.

Contact Person

Dr. Natalie Cooke
218A Schaub Hall


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