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Master of Food Science: Non-Thesis


The Master of Food Science (Mr. F.S.) degree is a non-thesis program requiring at least 36 credits of course-work.

This program is ideal for anyone who is interested in working in an industrial setting that must communicate core product and quality concepts. Potential jobs include food safety compliance officer, quality assurance manager and quality control technician, product development and modification, and work with companies or agencies that conduct food company audits. Some companies may require the masters level technical knowledge and skills associated with this degree for sales and technical representative positions.

Recommended courses for the Master of Food Science focus on the areas of food product development and food safety, which have the greatest number of food industry jobs for graduates at the Master level and is an area of great interest from applicants. Recently there has been increasing demand for specific training in food safety for inspection and certification throughout the food industry. Industry also wants students with an understanding of business structure and organizations, organization skills, and abilities to communicate with diverse groups and work in teams. These positions require knowledge of the safe development and use of new and modified ingredients in food products.


FS 510- Food Lipids: Issues and Controversies
FS 567- Sensory Analysis of Foods
FS 765- Polymer and Colloidal Properties of Foods

FS 741- Thermal Processing of Foods
FS 785- Food Rheology

FS 540- Food Safety and Public Health
FS 725- Fermentation Microbiology

FS 501- Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
FS 555- Exercise Nutrition
FS 706- Vitamin Metabolism

Processing Technology
FS 530- Post-Harvest Food Safety
FS 522- Food Packaging
FS 553- Food Laws and Regulations
FS 751- Food Ingredient Technology In Product Development

General Food Science
FS 520- Pre-Harvest Food Safety
FS 526- Upstream Biomanufacturing Laboratory
FS 550- Food Industry Study Tour
FS 554- Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition
FS 557- Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
FS 562- Post-Harvest Physiology
FS 580- Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety
FS 780- Seminar In Food Science

Remedial€ Food Science (for students without a prior degree in the field)
FS 502- Chemistry of Food and Bioprocessed Materials
FS 505- Food Microbiology
FS 506- Food Microbiology Lab
FS 521- Food Preservation


For more information, please contact Dr. Jon Allen (Director of the Food Science Graduate Program) or Ms. Juliebeth Briseno (Graduate Administrative Support).



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