Master's Programs

M.S. in Food Science: Thesis


Students pursuing a Master’s degree in Food Science in our department come with a variety of academic backgrounds. Since we have a “program area” (Chemistry, Engineering, Microbiology, Processing, Nutrition, and Sensory Analysis) approach to graduate studies, students with degrees in any of the science, agricultural, biochemistry, and engineering disciplines, as well as food science majors, are able to design challenging academic programs that will prepare them for successful careers in the food, pharmaceutical, and bioprocessing industries or in academia.

For research opportunities in different fields of food science please contact the faculty directly. If you are ready to apply, please use the “Apply Now” link and remember to specify €œFood Science €, as your major during the application procedure. For more information, please contact Dr. Jon Allen (Director of the Food Science Graduate Program) or Ms. Juliebeth Briseno (Graduate Administrative Support).


Graduate Courses by Category

FS 567- Sensory Analysis of Foods
FS 765- Polymer and Colloidal Properties of Foods

FS 741- Thermal Processing of Foods
FS 785- Food Rheology

FS 540- Food Safety and Public Health
FS 725- Fermentation Microbiology

FS 501- Advanced Nutrition and Metabolism
FS 555- Exercise Nutrition
FS 706- Vitamin Metabolism

Processing Technology
FS 530- Post-Harvest Food Safety
FS 522- Food Packaging
FS 553- Food Laws and Regulations
FS 751- Food Ingredient Technology In Product Development

General Food Science
FS 520- Pre-Harvest Food Safety
FS 526- Upstream Biomanufacturing Laboratory
FS 550- Food Industry Study Tour
FS 554- Lactation, Milk, and Nutrition
FS 557- Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
FS 562- Post-Harvest Physiology
FS 580- Professional Development and Ethics in Food Safety
FS 780- Seminar In Food Science

€œRemedial € Food Science (for students without a prior degree in the field)
FS 502- Chemistry of Food and Bioprocessed Materials
FS 505- Food Microbiology
FS 506- Food Microbiology Lab
FS 521- Food Preservation


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