Todd R. Klaenhammer
Lab Group


Evelyn Durmaz Evelyn Durmaz
Research Assistant
M.S. Food Science/Biotechnology, North Carolina State University 1981
B.S. Food Science, North Carolina State University 1992
Evelyn's Page

Yong Jun Goh Yong Jun Goh
PhD, Research Scientist
Sarah J O'Flaherty Sarah O'Flaherty
PhD, Research Scientist
Rosemary Sanozky-Dawes Rosemary Sanozky-Dawes
Research Assistant
kajikawa_akinobu Kajikawa Akinobu
Research Associate Post-Doc

Grace Douglas
Ph.D. Student
B.S. The Pennsylvania State University
M.S. North Carolina State University

andersen_joakim. Joakim Andersen
Visiting Scholar
rodrigues_luciana. Luciana Rodrigues
Visiting Scholar

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