LeeAnn Jaykus Laboratory


LeeAnn Jaykus Lab

Lab Members

Lab Methods and Capabilities

Lab Members

HelenDr. Helen Rawsthorne, Lab Manager and Research Specialist

BlancaDr. Blanca Escudero-Abarca, Visiting Scientist

Dr. Deok Young Jhon Dr. Deok Young Jhon, Visiting Scientist

Hyun JungDr. Hyun-Jung Chung, Post Doc

DerikeDr. Derike Smiley, Post Doc

Tomasz OczkowskiDr. Tomasz Oczkowski, Post Doc

JebJeb Bingham, Grad student
Christina DockChristina Dock, Grad student
Brooke WhitneyBrooke Whitney, grad student
Stephenie DrakeStephenie Drake, Grad student
HariHari Prakash Dwivedi, grad student
LexieLexie Taylor, undergrad
KatieKatie Gensel, undergrad
ZackZack Weiner, undergrad


Lab Methods and Capabilities

anaerobic chamber Anaerobic Chamber

Cell culture Cell culture

Nuclisens Nuclisens RNA assay

Pathatrix Pathatrix