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Dogwood IFT Scholarship Application
One $750 scholarship
Two $500 scholarships

At least 1 recipient will be from NCSU and 1 recipient will be from NC A&T.

Applicants must be undergraduate students.
Scholarship winners must be members of IFT or join IFT to receive the award.

No scholarship recipients from previous years are eligible.

DEADLINE for scholarship applications is April 3, 2015, 5:00 p.m.
You will be notified by email regarding the status of your application.




State: Zip:


E-mail (required):



Class (e.g. Freshman):

Please list in free form below.  IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED  that you copy and paste from another document as we have experienced some difficulties with proper submission and this form may not save your entries.


Professional Development/Employment
Please list jobs, internships, research opportunities, clubs, organizations, committees, volunteer activities, public service, and/or community activities in which you have participated including any leadership roles. You may list those that occurred prior to college.  Please include approximate dates or lengths of time for each activity.

Honors: List any scholarships, contest placements, awards or presentations.

Education: Please email to lisa.dean@ars.usda.gov a copy of your unofficial transcript so we can evaluate your educational interests and strengths.

Essay: Briefly describe (1500 word maxium) your experiences in Food Science and why you chose it as your field of study.  What particular aspects of this field interest you the most and which do you find the most challenging.  Please include any personal hurdles you have experienced in trying to achieve your educational goals.

Please contact Dr Lisa Dean at 919-515-6312 or email her at lisa.dean@ars.usda.gov if you have any questions about this form or its submission. Please type "Dogwood Scholarship Question" as your subject for email.

Please make sure you have included all relavent material and emailed your unofficial transcript before submitting this form.


Last modified: March 11, 2015