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The Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center (SDFRC) has been in operation since 1988. North Carolina State University is the lead institution, joined by Mississippi State University. It is one of six National Centers funded and supported by Dairy Management Inc. (DMI), through the Dairy Research Institute (DRI). One of DMI's main investment areas is basic and applied research relating to dairy products and nutrition. DMI, through its competitive and directed research programs, develops a National Research Plan and implements projects in cheese, butter, milkfat and fluid milk. Relevant research issues are identified by consulting industry, university dairy researchers, and the Dairy Foods Research Centers.

The SDFRC is comprised of a collection of experienced and accomplished scientists working in research areas prioritized nationally by industrial surveys. These areas include milk and whey ingredient functionality, thermal and biological processing, sensory properties of cheese and dairy ingredients, dairy food safety, and microbial technologies for starter cultures and probiotics. DMI maximizes dairy producer promotion checkoff funds by conducting integrated programs in marketing communications, promotion, education and research for U.S. produced dairy products on behalf of America's dairy farmers.

SDFRC Mission

The Southeast Dairy Foods Research Center will conduct research, educate scientists, and develop and apply new technologies for processing of milk and its components into dairy products and ingredients with improved health, safety, quality, and expanded functionalities.

SDFRC areas of research emphasis are in:

SDFRC Organization

The Operational Advisory Committee (OAC) advises the Center on overall policies and program goals for the SDFRC and develops research objectives. They ensure that approved projects will meet the research directives of the SDFRC and fit within the National Dairy Center Program. The OAC consists of industry representatives, university advisers, DMI staff, center directors, and faculty members from the institutions. The OAC evaluates the technical and scientific merit of research proposals submitted to the SDFRC and advises the director in matters concerning research directions, priorities and opportunities.

Dairy Management, Inc. (DMI)

DMI is dedicated to the success of the dairy industry. The mission of the organization is to increase demand for dairy products through the development and execution of an industry-wide, market-driven business plan that invests resources in a strategic manner and provides the best possible economic advantage to dairy farmers.

DMI Research Mission

National research planning is coordinated by the six dairy center directors, DMI staff, industry representatives and cooperatives (local promotion). The six DFRC's are closely partnered with industries manufacturing and using dairy products and ingredients. The 1998 National Research Plan's Theory of Business states that "research performed with industrial partners is a needed part of generic promotion and service which can result in new technologies and advancements, marketing claims and benefits, education of policy makers, education of students who will be tomorrow's employees, and education of companies current employees."

In 1998, the product research and technology transfer activities were prioritized in the areas of:

Center and non-center project submissions are written against DMI's National Research Plan in the areas of fluid milk, cheese and whey, milkfat and functional foods. They are reviewed locally for technical merit and forwarded to DMI for national review and consideration of funding.

Dairy Research Institute is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organizaiton affiliated witht he Innovation center for U.S. Dairy® and was created to strengthen the dairy industry's access to and investment in the technical research required to drive innovation and demand for dairy products and ingredients, globally. The Institute works with and through industry, academic, government and commercial partners to drive pre-competitive research in nutrition, products and sustainability on behalf of the Innovation Center and the National Dairy Council®. It is funded in part by America's dairy farmers through the diary checkoff program.

Objectives of the National Dairy Center Program

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