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Departmental Faculty | Staff | Associate Faculty | Adjunct Faculty | Emeritii Faculty

Departmental Faculty [add or update faculty listing]

Name Program Area
Allen, Dr. Jonathan C. Nutrition
Arritt, Dr. Fletcher Food Safety and Processing
Ash, Dr. Sarah L. Nutrition
Barrangou, Dr. Rodolphe Functional Genomics
Breidt, Jr. Dr. Frederick Microbiology/Fermentation
Daubert, Dr. Christopher R. Department Head, Food Engineering, Rheology
Dean, Dr. Lisa Oehrl Chemistry
Drake, Dr. MaryAnne Sensory Analysis and Flavor Chemistry
Foegeding, Dr. E. Allen Food Polymer and Colloidal Systems
Fogleman, Dr. April D. Nutrition
Goodell, Dr. Suzie Nutrition
Green, Dr. David P. Department Extension Leader, Seafood Specialist
Gutierrez-Rodriguez, Dr. Eduardo Preharvest to Postharvest Food Safety
Hanson, Dr. Dana J. Extension Meat Specialist
Harris, Dr. Keith Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods
Jaykus, Dr. Lee-Ann Microbiology
Johanningsmeier, Dr. Suzanne Chemistry
Kathariou, Dr. Sophia Food Science and Microbiology
Klaenhammer, Dr. Todd R. Food Microbiology, Genetics, Genomics, Bioprocessing, Fermentation
Komarnytsky, Dr. Slavko

Plants for Human Health Institute

Lanier, Dr. Tyre C. Meat/Poultry/Seafood
Larick, Dr. Duane Dean of the Graduate School
Lila, Dr. Mary Ann

Director, Plants for Human Health Institute

Perez-Diaz, Dr. Ilenys M. Microbiology
Sandeep, Dr. K.P. Food Engineering
Sanders, Dr. Timothy H. Peanut Flavor; Quality
Sheppard, Dr. John Bioprocessing
Simunovic, Dr. Josip Food Engineering
Stevenson, Dr. Clint Food Chemistry and Distance Education
Swartzel, Dr. Kenneth R. Food Engineering
Truong, Dr. Van Den Food Chemistry

Staff [top] [add or update staff listing]
Name Title
Begley, Jeff Dairy Plant Operator Assistant
Bolton, Greg Laboratory Research Specialist
Briseno, Juliebeth Administrative Support Specialist
Bumgardner, Michael Research Specialist
Canady, Jack Pilot Plant Maintenance Technologist
Canales, Franco Research Specialist
Cartwright, Gary Pilot Plant Coordinator
Chesnutt, Anthony Research Operation Manager
Clare, Dr. Debra Senior Researcher
Cooper, Judy Office Assistant
Durham, Johnnie Research Technician
Durmaz, Evelyn Research Associate
Escudero-Abarca, Blanca Researcher
Gensel, Catharine L. Science Commuinication Specialist
Gibson, Andrew Research Technician
Goh, Dr. Jun EPA Researcher
Gordon, Lisa Administrative Support Associate
Goulter, Rebecca Research Specialist
Grace, Mary Senior Researcher
Hayes, Janet Biological Science Technician, USDA ARS
Hedrick, Karl Laboratories Mech / Building Liaison
Hendrix, Keith W. Food Technologist, USDA-ARS
Hilliard, Bernard Dairy Plant Operator II
Hollifield, Carl Pilot Plant Business Manager
Jimenez, Fred Executive Assistant
Johnson, Howard Dairy Plant Operator I
Johnston, Lynette Marie Curriculum Coordinator
Jones, Stephen Dairy Plant Vehicle Operator
King, Beth Admin. Support Assoc. Specialist
Kotzian, Randy Dairy Plant Operator II
Laundon, Tristan Extension Assistant
Lindley, Sherrill Research Technician
Lockhart, Jim Technical Support Analyst
Luck, Paige Research Specialist
Massel, Mara Res. Tech. III
Miller, Jill Public Communication Specialist
Miracle, Evan Robert Research Analyst I
Misra, Suprava "Sue" Accounting Technician I
Moore, Christina M. Curriculum Coordinator
Morrison, April Academic Advisor - Undergraduate
Nealey, Susan Administrative Support Specialist
O'Flaherty, Dr. Sarah EPA Researcher
Parker, Sandra Program Support Assistant, USDA-ARS
Pernell, Chris Lab Manager
Rakic-Martinez, Mira Visiting Scholar
Reilly, Carol University Program Specialist
Reynolds, Rong Food Technologist
Sanozky-Dawes, Rosemary Research Assistant
Schaefer, James Biological Sciences Technician, USDA-ARS
Shields, Jennifer Postdoctoral Research Scholar
Smathers, Allison Entrepreneurial Program Assistant
Stephens, Charles Dairy Plant Vehicle/Equipment Operator
Stewart, David Dairy Plant Production Supervisor
Stirewalt, Susan Bookkeeper
Tennant, Travis Extension Assistant
Vogelien, Tara Director of Business and Research Administration
Watkins, Ruth Laboratory Research Specialist
White, Brittany Research Food Technologist, USDA-ARS
Whitley-Ferrell, Sabrina Program Support Assistant, USDA-ARS
Wojciechowski, Louis Lab Technician
Yates, Michele Sensory Analyst
Yousef, Gad Senior Researcher
Zerrer, John Research Specialist
Zielinski, Anna Extension Assistant

Associate Faculty [top] [add or update associate faculty listing]

Name Department
Anderson, Dr. Ken Poultry Science
Chapman, Dr. Benjamin Family & Consumer Sciences
Hale, Dr. Scott Andy Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Hassan, Dr. Hosni M. Microbiology
Khan, Dr. Saad A. Chemical Engineering
Sharma, Dr. Ratna Biological & Agricultural Engineering
Smith, Dr. Douglas P. Poultry Science
Thakur, Dr. Siddhartha College of Veterinary Medicine

Adjunct Faculty [top] [add or update adjunct faculty listing]

Name Affiliation
Amezquita, Dr. Alejandro Unilever, UK
Curtis, Dr. Patricia A. Poultry Science, Auburn University
Davis, Dr. Jack Food Chemistry
Farkas, Dr. Brian Food Science, Purdue University
Kilara, Dr. Arun Nutri+Food Business Consultants
Sang, Dr. Shengmin North Carolina A&T State University
Theuer, Dr. Richard C. Theuer Research & Consulting

Emeritii Faculty [top] [add or update emeritii faculty listing]

Name Location
Aurand, Dr. Leonard W. Raleigh, NC
Ball, Dr. Hershell R. Salisbury, NC
Boyd, Dr. Leon C. Garner, NC
Carawan, Dr. Roy E. Apex, NC
Carroll, Dr. Dan E. Wilmington, NC
Catignani, Dr. George Cary, NC
Gregory, Dr. Max E. Blowing Rock, NC
Jones, Dr. Victor A. Cary, NC
McFeeters, Dr. Roger F. Raleigh, NC
Oblinger, Dr. James L. Concord, NC
Pilkington, Dr. Dwain Raleigh, NC
Rushing, Dr. John Cary, NC
Schwartz, Dr. Steven J. Powell, OH
Swaisgood, Dr. Harold E. Raleigh, NC
Turner, Dr. Lynn Cary, NC
Walter, Dr. William M. Raleigh, NC
Ward, Dr. Donn R. Holly Springs , NC

Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences
North Carolina State University
Raleigh, NC  27695
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