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Employment & Internships

Food Science graduates are employed by food processing and manufacturing firms, government regulatory agencies, educational institutions and companies that supply raw materials and ingredients to the food industry.

Graduates work in:
     Nutritional, Chemical and Sensory Testing
     Microbiological Testing
     Production Management
     Process and Package Engineering
     Technical Sales
     Food Safety Inspection
     Marketing and Management
     Product Development

Graduates holding advanced degrees often work in colleges and universities and in research and development groups of private companies and government agencies.

Salaries for food scientists compare favorably with other Bachelor of Science programs offered by the university. Recent figures show a median starting salary of $48,000. More than 75% of our students are placed annually in food processing companies, while another 10-15% enter graduate and professional schools following graduation. A growing number of our graduates find employment in the pharmaceutical industry. Virtually all our graduates seeking employment in their major area find jobs soon after graduation. Undergraduate and graduate students gain excellent experience by working in the food industry as part of a summer internship program.

The Food Science Club hosts several companies at their monthly club meetings. Potential employers visit the department to recruit undergraduate and graduate students for both internships and full-time jobs. For further information regarding the companies that visit the department and the schedule of the meetings, please visit the Food Science Club.

The Institute of Food Technologists (Professional Society for Food Scientists) holds a technical meeting every year. During this meeting, they have an on-site "Employment Bureau" where potential employers interview food scientists for internships and full-time jobs. For further information, please visit the IFT Career Center.

The College of Agriculture and Life Sciences (CALS) has a Career Services Center located in 111 Patterson Hall. Appointments with them can be made by calling them at 515-3249. They offer services such as assisting in resume writing, contacting potential employers, and providing links to job opportunities. For further information, please visit the CALS Career Services.

NC State has a Cooperative (Co-op) Education Program offered by the Co-op Office located at 300 Clark Hall. They can be reached at 515-2300. As part of this program, students enroll in alternating semesters of full-time study and full-time paid employment. The awarding of a Cooperative Education Program Certificate requires a minimum of twelve months of full-time work and fulfillment of additional program requirements including degree completion. For further information, please visit the NC State Co-op Office.

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