Todd R. Klaenhammer
Research Areas

Our research activities have emphasized the development of genetic systems in gram positive lactic acid bacteria and the use of genomic approaches to improve cultures for bioprocessing applications in food. The overall goal of the program is to provide avenues for improvement and diversification of food bioprocessing and preservation systems through genetic investigation and modification of lactic acid bacteria.
Our major research contributions have been primarily in five areas.
1. Genomic and comparative genomic analysis of lactic acid bacteria and their bacteriophages.

2. Definition of gene directed mechanisms that protect the dairy lactococci from attack by bacteriophages.

3. Characterization of the biochemical and genetic properties of bacteriocins produced by lactic acid bacteria.

4. Development of cloning and expression vectors (mobilization, expression, integration, secretion) for genetically ill­defined bacteria important in food bioprocessing or probiotic applications.

5. Genetic and physiological studies on intestinal Lactobacillus species to investigate and expand their potential beneficial roles in vivo.

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